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Rebecca Midkiff, Simone Dye, Beth Mende, Rowdy Roddick, Olivia Prior, Matt Davis (NH), Marie McNamara, Peter Brask,

Randy Kilmer (NH) Katherine Ransel (NH), Max Magee


NH=Friends of Nathan Hale Horticulture &Urban Farm


It has long been our dream to harvest  rainwater from the greenhouse roof in the fall and winter and store it for use in our dry, hot summers, as part of our demonstration of sustainable growing practices for our students and community members. Here are some of the benefits that we hope to convey:


* Conserves Drinking Water: Growing population and higher temperatures increase the demand for potable water and put pressure on municipal water supplies.  Rainwater harvesting reduces that demand.

* Reduces Storm Peak Flows: Lessening storm peak flow volume and velocity in local streams reduces bank erosion and flooding of receiving waters.

* Promotes Plant Health:  Landscape plants flourish with irrigation from collected rainwater as opposed to chemically treated city water.

* Saves on School District Water/Sewer Bills: The school district is charged for both its potable water use and the related sanitary sewer treatment fees. To the extent we can lower those costs, we are serving the citizens of  Seattle.

Most exciting, a team of engineers from Engineers without Boarders has agreed to design the system for us.  These generous young engineers (pictured) hold full time professional positions yet are volunteering their time to help us.  We have to raise the money for the components of the system.

Click here to help us make this project a reality!

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